Is there a specific new construction REPC for Goldener Hirsch?

Yes, Please contact the Goldener Hirsch sales team for a copy.

Are the Residences being sold fully furnished?

Yes, the listing prices include furniture, artwork, accessories, kitchenwares, bathwares, housewares, window treatments, TV’s, electronics, and linens.

When are Deposits due? When do the Deposits become non-refundable?

The REPC requires an initial Earnest Money Deposit of $50,000. Once a REPC is signed by Buyer, and then accepted by Seller, the Buyer’s Due Diligence time of 14 days will commence. Before the Due Diligence Deadline, the Buyer will wire the appropriate funds to Coalition Title to bring their combined deposits to an amount equal to 20% of the purchase price for the Residence. Upon completion of the Buyer’s Due Diligence as outlined in the REPC, the combined Earnest Money Deposits will be deemed non-refundable. The remaining balance of the purchase price for the Residence will be due at closing. The Buyer’s combined deposits, once non-refundable, will be released to the Seller.

Is there a transfer fee associated with this purchase?

There will not be a transfer fee upon closing of the initial purchase of a Residence from the developer/seller. For any future resale, the buyer will be required to pay a transfer fee equal to one-half of one percent of the purchase price. The transfer fee proceeds collected at the resale closing get distributed to the Goldener Hirsch Residences HOA operating fund. For the initial developer sales, there will be required amount paid by Buyer to equal to 3 months of HOA dues to establish the HOA operational fund.

Is there a financing contingency in the REPC?

The REPC for the purchase and sale of the Residence does not contain a financing contingency. Buyers may elect to use financing in their purchase. However, at closing, the buyer should be ready and able to complete the purchase with cash.